What is the Internet?

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

You know the Internet. You know all about the Internet, right? You know what it is, where to find it, how to use it. It’s web sites and stuff! But how much do you really know? For example: how old is the Internet, and when is its birthday? What was the content of the very first email sent? How does the Internet actually work? How does it fit into my phone? And why the capital I?

What will we cover?

Starting from the pre-history of the internet (with no capital I back then), this class will take you through a step by step history of the Internet and explain how the structure was put together. You’ll learn what a TLA is, who first coined the term “internet”, the difference between a server and a client, the difference between a protocol and a language, who decides what you’re allowed to call your web site and why the Internet is “running out of addresses”. Plus some really nifty bits of trivia you can use to amaze your friends at parties.

Who will be teaching?

Halo has previously run a Laneway Learning class on Zombie Movies, so naturally Internet history and structure fall within her purview. In real life, Halo has been online for a little longer than most people think there’s been a line to be on and has fiddled about with the backends of all sorts of bits of Internet Stuff. She knows how to cop a LART, how to chicken and what a shibbol33t is. And if anyone understands that, they’ll know just how big a geek she is.