Cute Mini Monsters: Dogs and Puppies!

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Puppies – cute adorable balls of fun or mini monsters that reap destruction on your shoe collection? This class is designed to take all the hard work and confusion out of researching and planning for your new puppy or dog. We take all the guess work out of pet ownership so you can feel prepared and confident when bringing home the newest addition to your family!

What will we cover?

  • Is a dog the right pet for you?
  • How to select the right type of dog for you
  • First Days: what equipment you will need to prepare for your puppy, how to puppy proof your house cost effectively
  • Health
  • Behaviour
  • Basic tricks
  • Puppy School
  • Getting involved with your dog in the community

Who will be teaching?

Dhanya has always loved dogs. To take that love to the next level she started on a quest to raise a balanced, healthy and happy dog, and consulted and worked with numerous dog trainers, behavioural specialists, vets, vet nurses, breeders, pet shop attendants and dog lovers. She even got to make use of the research and analytical skills she gained from her degrees (Arts, Law and Business)! She currently has a 7 month old puppy Harry. He is an Australian terrier (aka Australian terror), is very cheeky and keeps her constantly amused and vigilant!

Harry’s teaching qualifications for this class include being a dog and he has a certificate of attendance from K9 Puppy School. Harry’s interests include chewing sticks, tummy rubs, licking stuff and being the centre of attention at all times! He currently has 2 humans – they are generally entertaining, supply food, and are quite easy to train.