What You Can Do To Help Native Wildlife

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Have you ever come a native animal that seemed to have gotten into trouble and wondered how to help? If so, you’ve come to the right place! The good news is, you don’t necessarily have to be an experienced rescuer or take a complicated course to start helping the creatures around you.

What will we cover?

Australians are lucky in that they get to interact with native animals more so that other Western countries. Of course, this also comes with issues, especially in urban environments. In this course, you’ll learn to assess whether an animal actually needs help, whether it’d be a bird, a mammal, or a reptile. You’ll learn how to do a makeshift nest or a ramp with everyday items to get baby birds off the ground or get ducklings out of your pool.  You’ll learn about pouch checking for marsupials, and about the best ways to minimise your impacts on native wildlife. Bring along your desire to help and your questions!

Screen-Shot-2018-01-15-at-11.28.38-am-150x150Who will be teaching it?

Elodie has always had an interest in wildlife and studied marine ecology before she fell in love with Australia and its wildlife. She has 12 years of experience interacting with amazing animals throughout the world through volunteer projects, field assistant positions, and her own research. She is an Emergency Response Operator and educator for Wildlife Victoria after being a rescuer for 5 years. She is passionate about helping communities interact with their local wildlife in a safe, respectful and enjoyable way. She also works for Remember The Wild, reconnecting people with nature, for their own benefit and that of the environment.