Winter Knitting for Beginners

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

This is an introductory class to knitting – perfect for beginners!

The cold months are coming, along with the many mugs of hot chocolate, mulled wine, and maybe the odd hot toddy. But don’t get finger burns from horrible old mugs that don’t hold the heat inside – we’re going to knit a wrist cuff that converts instantly into a cup cozy to save your fingers and pretty up ugly cups.

What will we cover?

This class is designed for beginner knitters, but all levels of knitters and those in need of a bit of help are welcome. Perhaps you have never knitted before and want to start with a simple stitch that you can use for a wide range of projects. Or maybe you’re a member of that generation of knitters who have never mastered the art of casting on and off because Grandma always kindly started and finished your projects for you.

In this quick lesson you will be shown how to tie a slip knot, cast on, cast off, knit, and purl and you will be given instructions on how to finish your own wrist cuff/cup cozy. These techniques are the basis of all knitting, and once you have mastered them you will be able go off and make lots of awesome stuff for yourself.

Knitting needles, wool, and cute buttons are provided. If you have your own size 8 needles, you are welcome to bring those along.

Who will be teaching?

Laura SmithLaura’s grandma taught her to knit a million years ago and since moving on from knitting scarves in pink wool she’s taken the traditional skill to strange and wonderful places – she knits necklaces and joey pouches, and uses knitting techniques used by the Vikings to make mittens. Her knitted beards were incorporated into the Beardo art exhibition in 2009.