Worm Farming and Composting at Home

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Wish you could be doing more with your waste? Worm farming and composting not only reduces the amount of food waste going to landfill but also provides high quality organic matter and fertiliser which enriches your soil and helps your plants grow big and strong! Come along and learn how to use and maintain a worm farm or compost bin at home and learn too how to make your own worm farm using mostly scrap materials.

What will we cover?

In this fun and interactive workshop we will:

  • Learn about why recycling food waste is good for the planet, the many types of worm farms and compost systems available and what works best in certain circumstances.
  • Find out what to feed the worms (and what not to feed them!); how to harvest and use the worm wee, castings and compost in the garden; how to diagnose and fix problems with your worm farm and compost bin; as well as how to make your own worm farm.

Who will be teaching?

Sam Green coordinates a sustainable living program for residents in the Cities of Darebin and Banyule. She is a keen composter and worm farmer. Sam practises what she teaches having established a community composting and worm farming hub in her front yard for which she recently won a City of Yarra Sustainability Award.