Worm-Farming: Food Waste to Fertiliser

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Fed up of throwing your food scraps into the bin? Ever wished you could do something useful with your rotten fruit?

Well, maybe you should be starting a worm farm! In this class we will talk all about the benefits of keeping a worm farm and even make a miniature worm farm as a starting point for your own larger worm revolution at home.

What will we cover?

We will tell you how and why you should transform your garden with worms. Starting with the basic tips of how to keep your worm farm healthy and save money by making your own fertiliser.

The benefits speak for themselves: recycling of waste, reduced landfill and increased fertility and water holding capacity of your soil. We will also help you make a worm farm from recycled materials and it includes worms so you can start your very own backyard (or balcony) worm farming project.

Who will be teaching?

Eric Dando is a gardener who writes about gardening. He has been involved in community gardening and ecology for over 20 years and is looking forward to continuing to share his knowledge.