Terraria-MANIA! Desktop Gardens

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Want a bit of plant life for your valentine? Or at your desk? Or for your valentine at their desk? Want to avoid having to do much to take care of it? Yes you say? Then make a mason jar terrarium and lose yourself, staring into your garden-jar wonderland while getting paid! You know you wanna.

Ms Candy Sparkles knows how to max out these bad boys so they require low-to-no maintenance and look spesh all the while. With her super-not-so-secret-now recipe you’ll plant a fern-fabulous creation that’ll love you even if you don’t love it back.

What will we cover?

Candy will fill your head and your heart with handy hints and inspiration to become a terrarium making maven. Provided with specifically selected “ingredients” you’ll assemble your plant-pet masterpiece – a mini-garden in a so-hot-right-now own mason jar – under Candy’s guidance.

Also dig up a teeny background story on the terrarium, and discover what makes these things work – and not work. Find out what materials to use and how to not break the bank in sourcing them. Learn plant, assembly and care recommendations, plus tricks of the terrarium trade.

Who will be teaching?

Ms Candy Sparkles is an instagram-as-resume kinda gal. She’s crazy for makin’, and sharing the joy in teaching the peeps. She might have nannied in a castle in France, and eloped with a Texan-Mexican in New York City, but the smartest and most adventurous thing she’s done is teach at Laneway Learning.

She’s since become the craft blogger for BONDS, kicked-off her craft-class residency at The Brunswick Mess Hall, and had pieces hung at the National Gallery of Australia (say WHUH?). In 2014 Ms Sparkles is super-stoked to lead “Camp Candy” – the school holiday program for the magical Megan Morton’s “The School”. Candy? CanDO! Say to bring the candemonium!