You Are Invited to a Persian Feast

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Persian Empire and its diverse culture have inspired many stories, sagas, poems and love songs. A big part of Persian culture is the food; a variety of yummy, hearty and elaborate mains, deserts, and goodies that you drool over uncontrollably.

What will we cover?

We are inviting you to a Persian feast. You will taste a range of yummy treats and foods as well as get a chance to make some Persian yumminess yourself. We want you to have some skills to be the next Persian host/hostess to your guests, so you’ll learn a bit about the culture of Persian hosting and the essential dos and don’ts.

Who will be teaching?

Sam Shokravi was born in Iran, also known as Persia, not too long ago. She moved to Melbourne in 2010 to study but love anchored her and now she lives in Melbourne with her husband. She works at The University of Melbourne and has her own non-for-profit sustainability group, called Engreeneers. She is passionate about good food, sustainability and enjoying life.