Your Voice and You

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Most of us use our voices for work and in our personal lives. It contributes to our sense of identity and allows us to assert ourselves and to connect with each other.

Through discussions and demonstrations we will come to understand what makes our voice sound the way it does and the flexibility with which we can use it.

What will we cover?

The anatomy and physiology of voice production is fascinating and will form the platform to which the human voice can be explored. There will also be discussions of how damage to your voice can occur so that you can learn to protect and shape it.

Who will be teaching?

Dana Kabaila is a speech pathologist who works in the outer west of Melbourne. As the daughter of two teachers she has always been keen to share her knowledge. Dana works predominantly in paediatrics; however, is also interested in adult voice and stuttering. Her clinical experience extends from childhood autism assessments to adult transgender voice placements. Dana’s passion lies in helping people share their stories across the lifespan.