Transcript for New Short Video All About Laneway Learning!

Transcript for New Short Video All About Laneway Learning!.


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My name’s Tom and along with Kim, Mark and Lucie I run Laneway Learning.

What we try to do is to do classes in anything and everything, that’s what we say. Last week we had a class on neuroplasticity, followed by a class on zombie films. Tonight we have a class on Italian for beginners followed by a class on the darker side of the internet. So, yeah, we try and mix it up.


It just depends what people come to us. You know, we have people emailing us all the time saying ‘hey, I know this’, or ‘I know that and I’d love to share it.’

We have a lady called Clare Burder who comes in. She runs her own wine tasting company and she’s also got a wine label, and she is just a natural born teacher – she’s absolutely fantastic.

She’s really great at explaining all the different things about wine in, sort of, simple ways without all of the fancy words. And also, I always think it’s such fantastic value, because she’s got six different types of wine that you can taste and it’s twenty bucks.


I think it’s what I like about Laneway Learning, that everybody that comes here has a passion. It’s not like you work on it or you teach it at uni, it’s just that you really love what you’re teaching.

So light painting is long exposure photography and you move different sorts of lights in front of the camera. Because of the long exposure, the camera captures all the trails of the light. So you write, you can paint or you can do different effects, depends on the tools you use.


I’ve learnt about all the different techniques about light painting, the history of it and the different tools that you can use for light painting. It was completely fascinating, it was wonderful.


I think what our classes offer, which isn’t that common, is a really cheap, fun and accessible introduction to a lot of topics.

Our observation is that there are plenty of classes and courses out there but a lot of them last a long time and they’re quite expensive. And who knows whether they actually really want to invest $500 in machine knitting or learning French? What I think we offer is an introduction that helps them make up their mind.


There’s a bit in it for everybody really. Anybody who wants to continue their learning, so maybe people that have enjoyed learning in the past and now they’re maybe in an office job and they don’t have that same opportunity anymore. They want to learn a new hobby, a new skill… I think that there’s something in that for everyone.


It’s cheaper than the movies, and anybody and everybody can come along if they want to. And I think we try to make learning as fun and as entertaining as possible too. So you know that when you come to one of our classes you can have a beer, you can socialise, you can relax, you can eat dinner, you know, whatever you want to do, and you’re still learning [laughs].


Video ends.