First Steps

This is the part of the website where we will post the latest news about Laneway Learning, and any extra information on our teachers and their classes.

At the moment, though – at the very beginning of the journey – there is not too much to say!

The website is coming along, I have just created some business cards (eurgh!) and have started to pull people in to teach classes in our trial period in March/April. Feedback on the name, and the look and feel has been positive so far, but I am always looking for tips and feedback. Please get in touch if you spot anything you think we could do better.

As for the future, I am really looking forward to sitting down with Hugh, the second half of the Little Mule, after the craziness of the Australian Open is over (Hugh also works for Tennis Australia). At that point we will hopefully be in a position to announce dates for those trial classes…

Watch this space!


The featured image is borrowed and edited, with thanks, from Dermot O’Halloran under a Creative Commons licence.