Dates in the Diary!

We took a big leap forward at Laneway Learning this week, deciding on a date for our first ever classes.

The 20th March is going to creep up very fast, but it feels good to finally have something set in stone. We have been talking to the guys at The Little Mule for a while, but everyone has been so busy it has been difficult to make progress. Massive thanks go to Matt and Hugh for prioritising this when they have so much else going on, especially Matt who has got married, moved house and started a new job all in the space of a few months.

Mark has also come on board, bringing a wealth of scientific knowledge and some great contacts at the University of Melbourne. It will be interesting to see if students are happy to stump up for some extra lectures!

The first classes will be a riot, but we also hope to learn a lot. The plan is to host a handful of different sessions over the following few weeks, so that we begin to understand what will work and what won’t. Then once we have a few under our belt, we will make a second big push. If you do come down on the 20th, we would love to hear your feedback and ideas for future sessions. Laneway Learning will only thrive if lots of people want to get involved.

Hopefully we will see you then!


The featured image is borrowed and edited, with thanks, from plenty.r. under a Creative Commons licence.