The Launch

Last night were our first ever Laneway Learning classes, and we are happy to say they were a success! With both classes in full attendance we hosted Cryptic Crosswords and Chemistry; and all the while coffee, beer and knowledge were in abundance.

Tom officially kicked the night off with Cryptic Crosswords for Beginners, and let us in on his favourite clue – ‘Mad, Passionate Lovers’ (7). Moving along we learnt the basic rules, and it was great to hear everyone throwing around ideas, collective laughter and ‘aaah’ – the wonderful sound of understanding!Eventually it became more complicated and the room was tense… the class took a break for some one on one sessions, and we all came together to solve the last puzzles and finish on a high. It was challenging and satisfying class, and hopefully everyone is all the more cleverer for it. Or at the very least can show off to their friends. Next up was Mark (aka Turtle) with ‘Chemistry for Life’, and it was time to buckle down and get serious. We learnt that elephants are made of elements; as are people, bugs, plants and anything else we can think of. And when Turtle was asked what his favourite element was he replied “oxygen”. Of course! We can confidently say what DNA stands for (although don’t make us spell it), and Mark taught with such enthusiasm he broke his shoe. Now that is dedication.

Many, many thanks to everyone who came along and supported us for our launch. Laneway Learning has come such a long way already – from first steps to first classes – and we really appreciate the enthusiasm and interest that we’ve garnered so far. Props to the Little Mule Company for being great hosts and we hope to see many more of you next week for our upcoming classes. If you don’t come along next time you’ve got to be ‘bonkers’!

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