Our Second Week

Yesterday was another big day for us. We had our second sessions of classes, and we hit 100 likes on Facebook. Yew! While 100 may not sound like a huge number, it is an important step for us; it means that we are slowly becoming more recognised, and not just by our friends and family. Although I’m sure my mother would have ‘liked’ us if she understood the internet. And think about it this way – 100 easter eggs may not sound like much, but they are if you eat them all at once. 100 spiders aren’t a big deal until you find all of them in your hat. And 100 likes on Facebook doesn’t sound like much until you realise it was all the brainchild of one man with no funding and simple determination. So thank you to all our Facebook friends, our Twitter buddies and our Laneway Learning classmates – we appreciate your support and will continue to do what we do!

Speaking of. Last night were our massage and AFL classes; and believe it or not, they go together very well. To begin with, we all gave ourselves “a little love” which is very important, according to teacher Foong. We learned about pressure points, and which areas in the neck can be manipulated to quickly relieve a headache – something which will come in handy at 3pm everyday when we’ve had enough. This class was fun, relaxing and quite often hilarious, especially when Foong demonstrated the all important bum massage. It’s an area too many of us often forget! Massage has been proven to reduce anxiety and stress, and we can see how this is true.

Meanwhile, if you live in Melbourne and still don’t understand AFL, you’re in trouble. We, however, are not. Mitch showed us a couple of ‘hangers’ or ‘speckys’ which were amazing – those boys can fly! We were taught which teams and players to look out for this season (the Giants plight will be an interesting one), and most importantly the actual rules of AFL. We have a newfound respect for the sport, and are confident enough to yell random words at the screen when next down at the pub. We hope everyone who came along learnt an interesting mixture of skills – make sure to keep watch of this space for upcoming classes, and we’ll see you all next week!