Opening up at Brolly

I think it’s fair to say that we haven’t expanded to enough new venues in the last month, so let’s add another! Welcome to Brolly Studios: the latest venue to join the ever-expanding Laneway Learning family.

The venue

brolly studiosBrolly Studios, nestled behind Flipboard cafe and on top of Bennetts Lane Jazz Club, is a creative collective studio that enjoys everything from paper planes to film drones, architecture to soap bubbles, and landscapes to bacteria. It’s a home with a twist, a three year old, and a treasure trove of oddities.

Megg Evans will be the friendly face and coordinator of the all the fun at Brolly. Remember to give her a big hello and high five when you meet her!

The classes

Let some light in to your life with the first classes at Brolly: Making Soy Candles and Lightpainting: Using Light as Your Brush. Then the next week add a splash of colour by making our own Flower Crowns.

Phew: that makes three new venues for 2015. We couldn’t possible have any more up our sleeves. We certainly couldn’t have another one to announce next week… that would be madness surely?



The featured image is borrowed and edited with thanks from Travel Oriented under a Creative Commons Licence.