A Big Cheer for Embiggen Books

For something a bit different, this week we’re announcing that we’ll be running classes in a cool little book store: Embiggen Books.

The venue

embiggenA book store is such a perfect fit for Laneway Learning classes, and Embiggen Books is the perfect book store. Sitting happily on Little Lonsdale Street, it was inspired by the great libraries of the world and sells and ever-changing, curated collection of excellent new books. They even have those cool sliding library-ladders, so what are you waiting for? Oh… probably which classes we’re running there!

The classes

Since a book is a little container full of wisdom (well… some of them are) we thought we’d start with classes that challenge your mind! First we have (assuming reality actually exists) What is Philosophy? Second is (incoming pun warning) Knot Your Average Class: we guarantee you’ll either get your string or your brain all tangled up. Third we have Chemistry: The Building Blocks of Life where you will finally learn what DNA stands for (you could just ask a scientician I suppose, but that won’t be as fun).

So we’ll see you there in a few weeks!

The image of a towering pile of books is borrwed and edited with thanks from Mirko Tobias Schäfer under a Creative Commons Licence. The photo of Embiggen Books is courtesy of the photographer.