Impala + Peacock = ?

Is the closest you’ve ever come to doing mathematics with exotic animals when you counted sheep in bed? Yeah, us too… but this equation is nice and easy. The answer is: Laneway Learning is opening in Brunswick! And we can now also reveal what on Earth impalas and peacocks have to do with anything, as we’ll be running classes in a beautiful little tea store called Impala and Peacock.

The venue


Nestled right in the heart of Brunswick on Sydney Road, Impala and Peacock specialises in uniquely crafted tisane blends, as well as traditional teas and herbal delights. On weekends, you can even enjoy an innovative high tea!

But on Tuesday nights you will now find Laneway Learning classes, infused with as much fun and variety as you find in the city, Northcote or St Kilda. If you oo-long for something to do in the evenings but don’t want to travel camo-miles (two bad puns in one sentence: awesome) then you now know where to go!

The classes

Our first two weeks of classes are all tightly linked to the theme of tea (watch me clutch at straws wildly in the rest of this post).

beekeepingIf you like a bit of sweetness in your tea, then you should add some honey. And you know where honey comes from? Bees! Rob Redpath officially opens classes in Brunswick with his ever-popular Urban Beekeeping. Encourage these natural pollinators to a hive at your home and enjoy fresh honey with your morning cup of tea.

teablendFollowing that, the owner of Impala and Peacock and new Laneway Learning team member, Sarah Dewitt, will show you how to Create a Custom Tea Blend. Well, that one didn’t require much straw-clutching, but the class will be awesome anyway: herbs, spices, flavours, scents all put together to make the perfect cuppa for you.

crosswordThe next week we start with a puzzle: Eat upended hot drink. I wonder if the answer is “tea”? The only possible way to ever find out is to come to our Cryptic Crosswords class with Tony Sarhanis, and he’ll teach you all the tricks needed to solve this and many other conundrums. As good for your brain as a cup of tea is for the soul.

infinityicespiralAnd finally, if you want to make an infinite improbability drive, you will need a strong cup of tea. If you don’t get this reference, you need to read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy immediately. Go on, I can wait.

Ok you’re back: our fourth class is all about infinity and although we won’t make an infinite improbability drive (at least, we probably won’t) it will still be a wild ride through the paradoxes, the vastness, and the fun. Join us at To Infinity And… A Bit Further.

We’ll see you there at one of these classes, and at many more in the future!

The featured image was created from two photos, kindly edited and borrowed under Creative Commons Licences. The peacock is by Madison Berndt, and the impala is by Chris Eason.