Meet the Team: Lucie

Lucie is one of the co-founders of Laneway Learning. Alongside many other tasks, she currently organises and manages classes for Laneway Learning in Melbourne.

How did you get involved in Laneway Learning?

Mark and Tom had been talking about the concept of Laneway Learning for a while and then Mark told me about the idea. I thought it sounded great and was keen to be involved.

At first Tom and Kim thought that I was an imaginary girlfriend because each time they would meet up I was unavailable (“Oh yeah, your ‘girlfriend’ is ‘at choir’, right.”). But eventually we managed to meet up at a pub to watch the rugby… with a few of my choir friends!

A little later on, Laneway Learning was born.

What is it about Laneway Learning that appeals to you?

I am totally in love with the idea of being able to learn anything, even if I’m a total newbie, without needing to make a big commitment. The environment is so relaxed and friendly that it’s the perfect way to finish off a day, I always leave with a smile and a new fact or skill that I’m eager to share!

What is your professional background?

I have a PhD in organic chemistry so Laneway Learning is quite different! I enjoyed having something else to go to when I left the lab and whereas a PhD can be quite isolating I meet so many amazing people through LL.

I’m now finished with my research and working in science communication.

Are there any movies that discuss chemistry, and do they get it right or wrong?

I’m sure there are movies but the thing that comes to mind is Breaking Bad. Jeez. I never got into Breaking Bad but I did watch the first couple of episodes. Some of the chemistry was pretty sound; some of it used urban legends, like the *season 1 spoiler alert* hydrofluoric acid + body + bath tub; and some of it took advantage of artistic licence.

What other projects are you involved in?

I’ve actually been trying to cut down on commitments so I have time to sleep!

Now, apart from a job in communications and running Laneway Learning, I am a member of the ‘Adventure Gang‘ – a Melbourne-based group of people who enjoy the outdoors and blog about their adventures.

Lucie nerve test

What thing or skill could you not live without?

General people skills are really important to me, plus the basic or obvious things I need in order to keep myself alive. But outside of that I really value my practical nature. I really enjoy tinkering with things, from putting together furniture to working on my bike, and I’m pretty good at being able to fix things. When I add in Google I’m able to deal with quite a lot of practical problems. For example, I’ve fixed my washing machine and replaced the electric windows in a car. Sure, I could survive without it, but if I didn’t have that practical inclination then I’d find myself spending a lot more time and money calling in the experts. Plus I would get those little bursts of pride!

Is there something you wish you knew? A skill? A fact?

Everything! If I had to pick one thing though I think I’d pick languages.

Is that still too broad? Hmm, okay. Probably Spanish: it’s spoken by a good number of people, it’s highly distributed around the globe and if I had the skills then I could try fumbling through other romantic languages.

Have you ever failed at something at first, but eventually excelled after perseverance?

Of course! Haven’t we all?

I hope we have =)

The images used in this post belong to Lucie Bradley.

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