Meet the Team: Scott

Scott Malcolm teaches cash flow, superannuation and investing at Laneway Learning and sits on the board of directors as our finances wiz.

How did you get involved with Laneway Learning?

When I moved to Melbourne from Canberra in 2014, I stumbled across Laneway Learning as a way to get involved in the Melbourne Community and connect with some new people. I started teaching classes and love the energy and diversity of people that come together in the classes.

What is it about Laneway Learning that appeals to you?

One of my first Melbourne experiences when I visited in the early 2000’s was the awesome Laneways and cool venues which are scattered around the city. Laneway Learning brings together these with cool education or learning experiences and connects the community. I like that there is always a diverse crowd at the events which creates a really unique shared
learning experience.

What is your professional background?

I am a Finance Geek and Money Nerd! I am a Certified Financial Planner by trade and Educator who enjoys making the money stuff understandable and fun! Money is one of the biggest learnt behaviours we all have as human beings. We are born into the financial system, but rarely get formal education in how it works and how we can make it work for us. I have run my own business, Money Mechanics, since 2009 and enjoy strategic thinking and helping people achieve their ideal outcomes in life.

What other things are you involved in?

When I am not being a serial board member I try to keep as active as possible with gym and swimming and hang out with my mates and explore everything that Melbourne has to offer. I have sat on not for profit boards since 2006 around causes I am passionate about. I currently also sit on the board of A Gender Agenda in Canberra which is focused on social support,
advocacy, training and policy advancement for intersex, trans and gender diverse people. I have also been involved with the AIDS Action Council of the ACT and Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT. Outside of spending quality time with my partner I enjoy cooking when I can and am in the process of mastering breadmaking.

What do you think of the Australian approach and attitude to education?

I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to access formal University programs which sadly is still out of reach for many based on various barriers. Formal education shouldn’t be held as the only credential as I know many wise people who have lived experience from the school of life that makes them as qualified as anyone with a formal degree.
I like that more opportunities for education are emerging for people to upskill or gain insights to life skills that can empower them in a variety of contents and delivery methods.

Is there something you wish you knew?

To many things on the list, I want to know everything!! I am a continual student of life and always enjoy learning new things, having my thinking challenged and understanding more about myself!

Have you ever failed at something at first, but eventually excelled after perseverance?

I am not a big fan of the word fail. My biggest failures have been my greatest learnings and have given me some great perspective. We are all born on a learning journey. Learning to eat, walk, and talk. Learning what we like and don’t like to do in life in either formal or informal settings. Some days, especially early on in my own business I felt like I have failed dismally but the ability to reflect, dust myself of and “keep on swimming” is where success comes from.

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