Face Masks in the Laneway Community!

Who knew face masks would the the 2020 accessory to remember…

As we all settle down for Lockdown 2.1: State of Disaster (or The Ultimate Covid-19 Blaster, how I’m calling it) and face masks become mandatory, we’ve highlighted some of our teachers and community selling them so you can support them.

Jen McInness – Hell’s Breath

Jen continues to make chilli products, teach pickling and marinated cheese and now makes face masks too. She is selling them via her Fb page: Hell’s Breath Relish (just send her a PM to order) and it’s 3 masks for $30! Some of them even have chilli prints…

Tamara Russell – Karhina

Tamara is teaching our face mask workshops if you want to DIY your mask. You don’t need a sewing machine and the pattern is easy enough you’ll manage even if you have never sewn before! We have a few more classes coming up:

Tamara also has a visible mending and textile art store were you can buy supplies without leaving your home.

Melanie Ashe – Clementine’s Melbourne Fine Food & Gifts

Melanie is part of City Precinct, a small business association for Melbourne 3000. She is also a fan and long time supporter of Laneway Learning. You can buy her masks via email or through her Facebook page.

Carl Nave – Individually Tailored

Carl, also part of City Precinct, is a fantastic tailor and donates dozens of unused fabric and shirts to us for our classes. He is also making elegant face masks for the discerning gentleman (or gentlewoman!) that you can purchase via email or his website.

If you are part of our community and are making your own as well, let us know and we’ll add you to this post. We’ll keep updating this page as more Melburnian makers join.