Future Ethics 2019


Future Ethics: Nanobots

What’s it all about? Nanotechnology and nanobots is a concept that has fascinated humanity for decades, but which has only recently started to emerge as a truly possible technology. The implications of this are colossal, allowing construction at impossible scales and complexity, treatment of diseases virtually without collateral damage, and profound advances to computing power …


Future Ethics: Cryptocurrency

What’s it all about? The internet age has seen the emergence of many any various strange and wonderful phenomenon. Of these, the advent of cryptocurrency as a popular and realistic alternative to state-backed currency is one of the stranger and most significant, threatening to turn the global financial order on its head – for better …


Future Ethics: Human Gene Editing

What’s it all about? With the first successful gene editing of twin babies by a Chinese doctor in 2018, many ideas previously only seen in science fiction have become very real indeed. But while technology offers us the possibility of managing or even eradicating genetic conditions, it also raises more questionable uses – designer babies …