3D Graphics and Animation with Blender

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Ever wondered how 3D animations are created, or how physics simulations can be used to create stunning visual effects? This class will introduce Blender, a free 3D graphics application that can be used for anything from creating photo-realistic art to your very own video game.

A wealth of resources are available online including tutorials and user forums. This class is intended to familiarise you with the basics of the software enabling you to continue discovering exciting new features and techniques independently.

What will we cover?

The class is intended to be highly practical.

We will be looking at:
– Interface and navigation
– Building 3D models
– Creating a scene
– Texturing and lighting
– Rendering methods

… and if there is time, we will touch on the game engine and physics simulations.

Who will be teaching?

Casey Morter is an electronic engineer who was initially drawn to Blender for a cheap (as in, free) way to render electronic enclosures and devices for clients.

He has been fiddling with Blender on and off for the last year and believes it is a great example of free and open source software, a subject he is passionate about.