An Introduction to DIY 3D Printing with Richard (Online)

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

“… 3D printing has the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything. ” – US President Barack Obama.

Learn how to get started printing your own designs in 3D for little to no cost at all. Discover the basics of 3D printing, including the different styles, the equipment needed, how to create or find a design, preparing the print and finally where you can access public spaces to print out your design!.

If you are curious about 3D printing, this beginner guide will give you the tools and resources needed to get started creating something from idea to reality.

What will we cover?

This online class will cover all the important steps to begin BD printing, including:

  • What is 3D Printing
  • Different types of 3D Printing
  • 3D Printers (Brands and costs)
  • Printing materials and results
  • What/Why you want to print – the possibilities are endless!
  • Where to find and access designs
  • How to create a 3D model
  • Preparing the print
  • Places to print it out

      What will you need?

      • Your imagination and curiosity!
      • Paper and pen for taking notes


        • Closed Captions 
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        • Free Tickets for First Nations Attendees
        • Auslan Interpreter Upon Request

        Who will be teaching? 

        Richard (he/him) is an enthusiastic hobby maker. He has been a software engineer for over 15 years and has interests in emerging technologies and their applications. He has known about 3D printing for some time, but only started to get hands on a year ago. 

        Richard has printed small sculptures, unique organisation gadgets and other random knick knacks. Since starting out he has learned a lot -tried and tested – and would like to pass some of this knowledge on, as he sees the limitless potential for this technology.

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