Aussie Rules for Non-Natives

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

‘Aussie-Rules’ football is more than a game in Melbourne, it’s a religion.

116 years in the making at a professional level, this unique, fast, and intensely popular sport is a common weekend pastime and topic of conversation all year round. So with the AFL season about to kick off, what better time to get acquainted with Victoria’s favourite game?

Whether you’re a new-Australian, want to impress an AFL-mad partner, or even just from Sydney; this informal introductory session will make your March-October all that much better!

What will we cover?

There’s a lot to get through and a lot of video clips to watch, but we’ll look at:

  • The way the Australian Football League works, including the draw, ladder and finals structures
  • The 18 professional teams, their brief histories and associated stigmas
  • The basic rules of the game (including scoring, infringements and player positions)
  • Key players to watch this season
  • The right words to say in the pub (common fan terminology)

Who will be teaching?

Mitch is currently completing a Masters of Teaching (Secondary) at Melbourne University. When he’s not elbow-deep in studying/teaching Media Studies and Humanities to teenagers, he’s an avid AFL fan who’s been involved as a spectator or player for as long as he can remember.