Iced Teas and Fancy Summer Drinks

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Summer is just around the corner and tea can used to create amazing drinks to serve at long summer lunches. Learn how to bring out the best in tea while discovering the different styles of brewing – cold brew, hot brew, iced teas and cold drip tea.

In this class we will taste different brew teas, learn to brew the best cup and discuss the principles of brewing tea.

It isn’t always best to blend the dry tea leaves for a unique brew. You will get taste the champion tea drink created from a Chinese yellow tea and a Taiwanese oolong.

What will we cover?

Not just for winter, learn to make the perfect brew, whatever the weather.

Not all tea has the same brewing techniques! Some need lower water temperatures and others brew better in cold water. In this workshop we will guide you in the best brewing techniques for all the tea families – white, yellow, green, oolong, black and puer.

In particular we will discuss:

  1. The six tea families
  2. How to hot brew, cold brew, cold drip and chill tea
  3. The simple equipment and techniques you can use to create your own brew
  4. The basic principles of brewing a good cuppa of tea

You will get to take home a cold brew tea ready to place in the fridge overnight!

Who will be teaching?

Tania, founder of Cuppa Cha and WTBC champion tea brewer, has a special interest in tea cultivars and processes with a passion for Taiwanese oolongs. Through Cuppa Cha, she educates and encourages tea beginners and tea lovers alike to learn more about the origins, harvest and production of tea to make better about what they drink.