Burnout and Nature Connection in a Changing Climate

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Where do symptoms of burn out really belong? Is it inside the individual or elsewhere? In this class we are going to get some perspective on burnout! A lot or self care talks stay focussed on what you need to change in yourself and your habits, which can reinforce burnout as a personal failure. Relevant for everyone by thinking more broadly we can make sense of burnout in the context of self, society and nature itself.

What will we cover?

In this class we’ll explore burnout and the need for nature connection in life. This is not a place for personal discussions or counselling but it is a playful way to start thinking differently about what burnout really is. We will use mindfulness activities to help recognise burnout and self care choices, but we won’t stop there! We’ll spend some time thinking about broader influences on burnout, using ideas from U.S. activist Vicky Reynolds and Spiritual Ecology. Using play and movement, we’ll explore how connection to nature can be an important avenue for wholeness even at a time of changing climate.

Who will be teaching?

Amy Collard Amy Collard is a Social Worker and trauma therapist who has worked in the human services sector for over a decade. She works primarily counselling refugees through war trauma. Amy is trained in somatic approaches to healing trauma as well as in systemic family therapy. She has an interest in spiritual ecology and Rewilding, and the relationship the natural world has with mental health.