Chatting in Italian: Travel Essentials

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Are you planning a trip to Italy and would like to learn how to ask for directions/buy a train ticket/change your hotel booking in the local lingo? Or perhaps you’re not heading to the BelPaese anytime soon, but would like to practice some spoken Italian, just for fun?

Either way, this class is for you – an evening of very practical, very entertaining conversational Italian, pure and simple. We’ll learn a few words, get exposed to some Italian ‘etiquette’ and get you ready to talk real Italian in the streets of Rome, Cinque Terre or… Carlton!

What will we cover?

We’ll start with a few pronunciation basics (nothing too complicated, fear not: just some tips on how to roll your r’s!), then move to some basic sentence construction rules and general tips on how to ‘say it right’. In the main (and most fun) part of the class we’ll focus on learning words, tricks and hand-gesturing (why not?) that will help you:

  • Ask for directions,
  • Order some (delicious) Italian food and,
  • Buy a train ticket/make a hotel reservation in the most beautiful of languages.

We’ll practice loads, have a laugh or two and learn some no-frills vocabulary to make sure you make the most of your next trip to Lygon Street or Italy (if you are lucky).

Who will be teaching?

MarcoMarco is a globe-trotting Neapolitan who swapped the greys of London for the joys of Australian life seven years ago. This is his second class with Laneway Learning and his first north of LaTrobe St.