Chess for Complete Beginners with Rafael (Online)

This class has passed
This class has passed

One of the most popular games in the history of the world. Chess is a rich and rewarding game that will challenge you mentally while testing your competitive spirit.

This class is for complete beginners – no experience necessary!

The class can also serve as a valuable refresher for those who’ve already mastered the fundamentals; or a comprehensive overview for players who want to (affectionately) crush friends and family.

What we will cover?

We will start with a quick introduction to the pieces and their values, and then the class will be structured just like a chess game.

  • Opening: The three golden rules (and how to punish those who don’t follow them). Opening traps and quick kills.
  • Middlegame: Tactical motifs, and how to exploit them. Forks, pins, skewers and other useful pointed battle implements.
  • Endgame: How to close the deal – basic mating patterns and the importance of pawns.

Come with any questions and a playful attitude. We will provide boards, playing pieces and answers!


– Closed Captions

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– Free Tickets to First Nation Attendees

– Auslan Interpreted Upon Request 

Who will be teaching? 

Rafael (he/him) is a certified chess coach and founder of

He has taught in schools, clubs and online, and has experience with students from the age of 6 to 80. 

Current president of Frankston Chess Club, he’s always looking for ways to improve and help others do the same.

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