Collaborative Art – Drawing Together

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Are you looking for ways to refresh and extend your current drawing skills? Have you ever wanted to let loose and just draw, but felt like you couldn’t? Learn how to create an amazing, original piece of art with other people on the same page, and discover the exciting, surprising results!

What will we cover?

The class will begin with a short talk about drawing methods and the principles of collaborating. Guided by the teacher, every participant begins with a piece of paper and one coloured marker.

We start by drawing on our individual pieces of paper, and after a few minutes, pass it along to the person next to us. They will then contribute to your drawing, and you will contribute to someone else’s drawing. This process continues for several rounds until we run out of space on the paper.

The result? Multiple drawings that have the mark of every participant in the class! Since each person uses only one colour during the entire class, we are able to see the wonderful interaction of everyone’s personal style on each page. Often, interesting narratives emerge as well.

This is an accessible practice for people of all skill levels, that stretches the imagination and extends existing drawing skills (everyone has them!). Every student will take a collaborative drawing home.

Who will be teaching?

Zahra ZainalZahra Zainal is a freelance illustrator and artist who has an abiding love of drawing. Armed with an appreciation of people, her experience teaching at TAFE and a light-hearted approach, she facilitates workshops and group art ventures. She sees the seed of creativity in every individual, and supports them in nurturing that seed into blooming results.

P.s. The artists who collaborated on the image above were: Sebastian Berto, Jeffrey Phillips, Brendan Ninness, Gemma Flack, Rhiannon Thomas and Zahra Zainal.