Super No-Bake Cake Pops

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

I’m sure you have heard about cake pops at some stage… They were first made by a blogger (artist!) called Bakerella and soon after there were everywhere. They are basically cakes on sticks so it’s easy to understand how they were destined for fast world domination! (yum!)

The traditional recipe implies baking the cake and mixing it with icing but there are lots of other recipes that don’t need baking at all and are easy peasy to make! These are also great to prepare with your kids. Come and learn how to no-bake cake pops and eat them too!

What will we cover?

– A brief introduction to cake pops, the recipes, the baking trays, kits and accessories.
– Learn a few no bake recipes with basic ingredients you can find anywhere.
– Make your own no bake cake pops from scratch.
– Decorate the cake pops with sprinkles and learn how to do a cute little chicken in time for Easter.
– Eat the cake pops! Nom, nom, nom!

Who will be teaching?

Maria Yebra is a self-taught passionate baker and cupcake maker, if there is such a title… She started baking as a hobby, doing cupcakes for friends’ parties and soon she had baked her way through all the cake recipe books in her library. Then she discovered that the fun part is decorating (and eating!) such bakes and set on to learn piping techniques, gum paste decorations, fondant and pretty much any other sugar based technique! Now she teaches workshops, themed classes and runs a cupcake blog, Cupcaketeer, where she posts about her latest baking creations.

She enjoys no bake cake pops better than baked ones, double chocolate dipping and cake pops that look like cute little animals!