Creating a Happier Society

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Despite rising incomes across the western world we’re not any happier than we were fifty years ago. The WHO predicts that depression will be the world’s leading health concern by 2030 and already at least six Australians die every day from suicide. Whilst it seems that more money doesn’t make us happier the emerging science on happiness is clear that we can each affect our own happiness and the happiness of those around us. This session will explore simple actions that have been proven to make us happier and what each of us can do to create a happier society.

What will we cover?

In this highly interactive session you will explore why happiness is important for society, what we can do to improve our own happiness and how we can take action to spread happiness within our communities. We will practice some actions to help us connect with others and cultivate gratitude, compassion and mindfulness – all essential ingredients for a happy society.

You’ll also learn what Action for Happiness – the international movement of people committed to builder a happier society – are up to in Melbourne in 2015 and ways you can get involved.

Who will be teaching?

HelenHelen Eveleigh is a qualified meditation, yoga and laughter yoga teacher. She also works on sustainable development and community focused urban design projects. She has been intrigued by happiness for many years and travelled across Asia to explore what happiness means to different societies. This saw her living in monasteries, ashrams, intentional communities, an Indian cave and with Mongolian nomads. Her first novel ‘The Blue Knickers of Happiness’ – a humorous story of the ways meditation can affect people’s lives – was published in 2013.

Helen volunteered for Action for Happiness in London and now runs their Melbourne group. You can read more about Helen on her website.