Creative Expression

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Do you want to explore your creativity? You can do this by experiencing the freedom of present moment awareness; you are creative with every breath! This class will encourage you to look at yourself and your environment in a fresh new way. Together we will dance, babble, scribble, play and dabble in the infinite possibility of the now.

What will we cover?

The objective is not about an end conclusion, but to simply celebrate the space we enter to become creative. In a whirlpool of sound, movement, improvisation, fine art and creative writing, the class will become a non-judgemental space for expression. With slightly therapeutic aspects the class will address the blocks and misunderstandings we can hold in our minds, this may invite you to “let go” and step outside your comfort zone to experience the playfulness that is within each of us.

Who will be teaching?

Natalie is currently studying Experiential and Creative Art Therapies and Holistic Counselling. She has been an artist from a young age; her inspiration has brought her many surprises including painting exhibitions, film-making, photography, a stage production and a creative arts program for “at-risk” youth. Her passion is to open spaces for people to express themselves and discover their own freedom. It is her vision to establish a retreat centre that focuses on exploring creativity and present moment awareness.

Note: If you wish to attend please respect that you are entering a space where you and others are free to share personal experiences and express yourself individually.