Cupcake Decorating with Fondant

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

In this class you will get hands on experience working with fondant icing for cupcake decorating. After learning the basics, we will make little toadstool mushrooms, flowers and leaves using only a few simple tools. We will attach and arrange these to a fondant disk, ready to add to your cupcake.

Fondant is quick and easy to manipulate and really fun to work with. You’ll be decorating cupcakes for every occasion with your new fondant skills!

What will we cover?

  • Fondant: What is it? Where to buy it and what type to get
  • Tools: Different fondant tools and moulds and where to get them
  • Information: Colouring and storing fondant
  • Step-by-step: Instructions on how to make a fondant toadstool mushroom, flowers, leaves and base
  • Experimentation: With a range of cutters and tools

Who will be teaching?

Collette is a primary school visual arts teacher and in her spare time you will find her baking, riding around Northcote, crocheting snowflakes and decorating cupcakes. She absolutely loves cake decorating and has slowly been teaching herself all sorts of different ways to create beautiful designs. Fondant icing is her favourite of all, as you can dream up all sorts of fantastic creations. She has been known to make Totoro themed cupcakes and surprise birthday cakes for friends. Her favourite cupcake flavour is vanilla with lemon curd hidden in the middle.