Yalla Mezza: Middle Eastern Appetizers

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Mezza is a name given to those delicious appetizers that make up a big part of the dining experience in the Middle East. The word “mezza” means to nibble, or to taste. Culturally, a selection of small dishes are prepared to be shared, family- style, at the start of a meal. A typical Arabic mezza will consist of a spread of a variety of small dishes; namely hummus, imtabbal, falafel, olives, pickles, kibbeh, marinated halloumi cheese…..

Hungry yet?

What will we cover?

In this class we will give you recipes and demonstrations of how to make several mezze dishes, such as hummus, imtabbal, fattet hummus and spicy meatballs.

We will also be giving you some other mezze recipes for you to try at home!

And after we are done with the cooking demo, we could all have a little feast!

Who will be teaching?

Nadine is Jordanian born and bred. Having moved to Melbourne 11 years ago, she started craving authentic Middle Eastern food that had that “homemade” touch that reminded her of weekend family gatherings at her grandmother’s.

Being a passionate foodie and a qualified pastry cook, she has combined her love of creating delicious food with her experience working in Australian cafes and patisseries to create the perfect recipes for Middle Eastern Mezza (appetizers) that combine authenticity, quick preparation and simple ingredients available from local Australian supermarkets. Nadine currently works as a Student Administration Assistant but still cooks on regular basis.