Daily Deep Breathing with Whitney

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

You’re going to have to breathe in out all day long so you might as well make it work best for you. Discover the necessities to pausing and being aware of our breathing in a way that is  easy to understand and implement.  Learn a variety of ways to incorporate controlled breathing daily and why it will positively permeate how you walk through life.

What will we cover?

We cannot live without breath; yet, we don’t often stop to notice it or give it attention.  We will cover some of the simple reasons why deep breathing helps all of our body’s systems function better.  This class will go over how to truly breathe deeply and why it makes us “feel good”.  We’ll also practice a few types of simple breathing exercises and meditation techniques that can be done daily (without anyone around you noticing!).

Who will be teaching?

Born in California and yoga teacher training certified, Whitney has been traveling and living all over the world teaching English as a second language.  During this enjoyable chaos, she found herself deeply in need of a way to calm the mind and body; breathwork became one of the most valuable tools in her toolbox.  While living in Japan and traveling through India, she began to dive deeper in meditation and controlled breathing, and carried this through to Melbourne and felt the call to spread the calm to others through breathwork circles, teaching yoga classes, and women’s gatherings; equipping others with their very own breathing knowledge. You can find her on Instagram.