Delicious, Edible Beauty

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Ever excitedly read about the latest and greatest skincare product and rushed out to look for it, only to be met with confusion and scary cosmetic counter ladies? And maybe even scarier ingredients in those products that you don’t understand?

If you love the thought of using coffee, chocolate, and many more delicious ingredients on your skin instead, then this class is for you!

What will we cover?

  • Skincare through the ages (think Cleopatra bathing in milk)
  • What makes a product organic and what certifications to look for when buying a product.
  • The nasties to avoid in skincare and the good ingredients to look for.
  • Insider beauty knowledge.
  • Is a luxury products vs budget products – is one really better than the other?

If you can put it in your body, why not put it on your body? We’ll learn how to make and prepare our own skincare from raw food ingredients and learn about what these ingredients do when applied to the skin.

Who will be teaching?

Lindy Bekerman is a Scottish expat, and brains behind the inner city salon/spa Heavenly Rituals. She has over 20 years experience behind her, working all over the world in salons and spas. She is passionate about educating people on their skin, the use of organic skin care and breaking  through the myths that the beauty industry sell us.