The Underside of the Internet

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Think the Internet is all about warm fuzzy cat photos and stalking your exes on Facebook? Always wondered how spammers make money? This short, fun class will explore the underside of the Internet: the darker parts of the online experience that we are normally hidden from. We will learn about hacker armies, online money laundering and swashbuckling spammers who make millions every day online. This is a class Google & Facebook don’t want you to attend!

What will we cover?

In a fun, relaxed class, we will explore several exciting parts of the underside of the Internet. We will survey six different topics: from the sprawling chaos of the Dark Internet to the emerging insanity of BitCoin and the full-scale cyberwar that Syria is fighting against the Western world. Jargon free and easy to understand, the class will illuminate the most sinister and unusual ways people use the Internet

Who will be teaching?

Oliver Woods has been living, playing and working with the Internet for much of his life. A Digital Strategist at a local advertising agency, he has several years experience in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand working in online marketing. Oliver has a friendly, accessible teaching style that ensures everyone can participate, have a good time and learn a thing or two about the underside of the Internet! He previously taught a class on Hong Kong Cinema for Laneway Learning in 2012.