DIY Christmas Bon Bons: Go Crackers! with Erin

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Christmas crackers – a.k.a. Christmas bon bons – are a fun, festive tradition around the world. They’re even more fun to make yourself, and your homemade treats are kinder to the planet than the shop bought varieties. You’ll win popularity points when you replace the bad jokes and useless plastic gizmos with tiny treasures your family and friends will love!

What will we cover?

You’ll learn how to construct Christmas bon bons using cracker snaps (who knew?) and everyday materials – empty loo-roll tubes, wrapping paper and twine. We’ll make crackers and tissue-paper crowns on the day and discuss ideas for other fun things to tuck inside (we have tiny treasures if you have them).

Who will be teaching?

ELF pink jacket - tinyErin is a maker and mender who loves to combine sustainability, fun and style in everything she does. Find her on Instagram or on her website.