Vintagey Upcycled Ornaments with Robyn

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

This Christmas it’s all bout reusing, reducing and up-cycling! Join us for a fun upcycled ornaments class to learn how to make all sorts of festive ornaments out of vintage music sheets, corks, toilet rolls, old ribbons and much more. We’ll learn how to make folded origami stars, make paper angels, use corks to make adorable reindeers and get a bag of goodies to continue making more at home.

What will we cover?

In this class we will learn how to up-cycled household items and “trash” in to lovely ornaments for Christmas and any other special occasion. We’ll have a few projects for you to choose from and we’ll go through step by step instructions to make gorgeous stars out of music sheets as well as cork reindeers.

These items will not only enlighten your house but can also serve as a conversation starter about reducing waste and becoming more sustainable next year.

Robyn BuntingWho will be teaching?

Robyn Bunting is a born again “reuse, re-purpose and remake” advocate who has a lot of back story but a dedication to making the world a cleaner place.  She has been a polluter and an ignorant, but is fast becoming a seeker of solution and definitely not a finger pointer.  She runs a quirky little shoplette on the 2nd floor of The Nicholas Building called ‘Harold and Maude’ that focuses on recycle, re-purposing and remaking. Her fabric stash is the stuff of legend.