Two-in-One Do-Si-Do Bookbinding

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Are you forever flicking through the pages of your notebook or using up post-it notes and page markers in a bid to organise the different aspects of your life? Or maybe you’re a keen creative type and want to carry your sketch book and your poetry wherever you go.

How about using a two-in-one (or three-, four- or five- if you’re adventurous!) do-si-do book?!

What will we cover?

We will learn how to make do-si-do books – books that swing between two signatures, making them great little two-in-ones for separating notes or dual purposes. Michelle will teach us what tools and materials to use and how to put these books together whilst we cut, fold and assemble our own A5 do-si-do book.

Who will be teaching?

Michelle LackenbyJoin Michelle Lackenby, founder and creative director of Paperazzi Design Studio, who brings Melbourne creatives together. With a focus on craft, paper art, installations, display windows, workshops graphic design, and all types of bookbinding, from traditional to artist books to photo books, Michelle and Paperazzi Design Studio love collaborating with people who have a passion for sharing skills and working on projects together, with the mantra ‘Uniting people in ALL THINGS PAPER.’