Emotional Intelligence Through Self-Talk

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Emotional Intelligence is something that we all know we are supposed to have, especially as adults in a modern and mindful world. But we were never taught it at school so how does one learn to become intelligent with our emotions?

The good news it that everything you need is right around you. Your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, your behaviours, your habits, it’s all there to be observed and learned from. Why did you just do that thing you did?

How can you improve your emotional intelligence? Beat procrastination? Fear? Form new habits? It all starts with how you talk to yourself.

What will we cover?

We will be covering:

  • The difference between feelings and emotions, and why you need to keep them separate.
  • Touchstones. Very specific questions to help you pull apart and gain meaning from your often chaotic thoughts.
  • Why emotions like anger and fear show up and it means when they do.
  • How you can turn negative emotions around, by seeing the greater picture and turning them into something positive.
  • Simple systems to set yourself up for success next time you have a bad day.

Who will be teaching?

Ex-stunt performer, Brett Solomano, has spent nearly ten years working with danger, fear and adrenaline. He taught and learnt very best tools and techniques for learning fast, overcoming your fears and remaining cool under pressure from sports men and athletes. He now teaches companies and disadvantaged youth the importance of self-education, self-awareness and self-expression to live congruent, successful lives.