Exploring Everyday Bullsh*t with Nicholas

This class has passed
This class has passed

Are you drowning in bullshit?

From social media to the 24-hour news cycle to advertising copy, there seems to more and more nonsense language in our lives that serves no purpose but to manipulate, persuade and deceive us.

But what is bullshit? What does it do to us? And—most importantly—what can we do about it?

What will we cover?

This is a crash course in Bullshit Studies (yes, that is a 100% real area of academic research) and a guide to dealing with BS in all our lives.

Participants will explore

– The history of bullshit and bullshit studies.
– The negative (and positive) effects of bullshitting.
– How to detect bullshit in language.
– How to lessen the negative impact of BS in your day to day life.

With examples from advertising, conversation, and business (and avoiding too many depressing references to world politics) this is a light-hearted class for anyone whose had enough of BS.


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Who will be teaching? 

Nicholas J. Johnson (he/him) is an author and educator who promotes critical thinking and deception protection for schools and business.

Nicholas’s journey into deception has taken him from the academic (BA Sociology) to the criminal (spending a year chasing street-swindlers throughout Europe).

He is the author of three books and is slowly coming around to the word “learnings”.

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