Failure First Aid – Embrace the ‘F’ Word

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Throughout our lives, from the time we were very young, we’ve been expected to achieve, win, be the greatest, succeed! As we’ve grown older we’re the ones putting on the pressure. But, who is teaching us how to fail?

Failure is a dirty ‘F’ word in our society, yet we’re failing all the time. We build so much shame around failing, even though it actually takes more courage to fail than it does to succeed. We need to learn how to embrace failure and make it our friend. Buddha tells us that pain is inevitable and suffering is optional. When it comes to failure, why do we choose suffering? Even after we are rejected or criticised, we continue to pick at our failure wounds. This workshop will teach you failure first aid.

What we will cover?

In this class we will discuss:

  • Emotional hygiene
  • Failure first aid – putting Band-Aids on our failure boo boos
  • What does failure mean to you?
  • Epic and famous failures throughout history
  • Guilt vs shame and perfectionism
  • Blame vs accountability
  • Regret
  • Failure as nourishment
  • How to embrace failure so it doesn’t hurt so much
  • How to build failure resilience

Who will be teaching?

Dara Simkin loves to fail because she understands it’s a fundamental step for growth and success. She wants to share her knowledge about failure and get you to start thinking of failure as your friend. She’s a certified Mindset Coach and works with clients all the time on overcoming their fear of failure.

She believes self-development should be approachable and accessible without blowing a bunch of smoke up your bum. She thinks personal growth is about curiosity and creativity and she’s been studying it for more than a decade. She’s grateful to be able to share her passion with others and she’s done workshops with corporates, yogis and grade six students.

You can find her at Melbourne Natural Wellness on Collins Street in the CBD and be sure to follow her on Instagram to find out when her next workshop is – @darasimkin. Check out her website too.