Friday Happy Hour: Cocktail Tour de France with Simon ONLINE

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

To celebrate the end of the Tour de France 2020 (with later than usual dates), let’s go on a cocktail Tour de France using French ingredients such as brandy, Cognac, Cointreau and Grand Marnier. Join us to learn about, make and taste 3 historical and classic drinks dating from 1878-1919!

What will we cover?

  • Recipes for all drinks
  • Demonstration of the method to make and serve each drink
  • Suggested serving vessels and garnishes
  • Stories of each drink’s origins and history
  • Recommended ingredients when making the drink
  • Some shops that sell speciality ingredients or tools
  • Links for further reading and exploration

What will you need?

Update: Drinksmiths/The Wigs Cellars are assisting those who don’t have all the ingredients with a cocktail pack which contains 100ml of Cognac, 100ml of Grand Marnier and 100ml of tawny port.  The pack contains all 3 x 100ml together as a set. This can be delivered to most Melbourne suburbs if ordered in advance (we recommend ordering no later than lunchtime Thursday 17 Sept) but you should contact The Wigs Cellars on 03 9670 2753 to confirm details prior to ordering.

For all drinks you should have:

  • A quality brandy such as Cognac of your choice – available as part of the cocktail pack including Cognac, Grand Marnier, tawny port
  • Sugar to make simple syrup (recipes below will refer to this)
  • Fresh clean ice. If you have the ability to make both cubed ice and block ice (more than 2cm x 2cm x 2cm cubes) please do so.

Specifically for Drink 1:

Specifically for Drink 2:

Specifically for Drink 3:

Standard bar tools and equipment:

  • Measuring jigger, shot/liquid measure or liquid teaspoon/tablespoon measures
  • Shaker (any kind – even a jar or drink bottle)
  • Fine strainer
  • Cocktail or coupe style glasses. Ideally 150-180ml
  • Knife
  • Chopping board
  • Juicer for lemons
  • Some spare jars or glasses for holding lemon juice and sugar syrup

Who will be teaching?

Simon began adult life disliking alcohol in all forms after repeated unsuccessful attempts to be friends with beer, rum/coke and tequila sunrises.  But a chance encounter with a vodka, lime and soda was his gateway drink into a classic daiquiri at the famed cocktail bar Der Raum.  Since then Simon become an avid barfly visiting cocktail bars around the world in Europe, America, Asia, NZ and Australia as well as being good friends with gin, rum, whiskey and wheat beers.  More recently Simon has been creating at-home cocktail experiences and teaching friends to make tasty drinks all around the world whether it’s a Melbourne balcony, a villa in Tuscany, an apartment in Paris or on a sailing boat in San Francisco Bay.