Healthy Desserts Made Easy and Delicious

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

For those of us who love sweets (and who doesn’t?), this class will teach and demonstrate how to enjoy healthy desserts that are easy to make.

Can’t believe it? Come to the class and get to taste a few samples of delicious treats, made on the spot.

What will we cover?

We’ll learn what to avoid when making desserts, how to substitute them with healthy ingredients, their health properties and where to find them.

To see it all in action, we’ll follow with demonstrations of a few recipes and treat you with vegan samples of nurturing sweets. It’ll be all the sweet fun without any guilt. And just to make sure you got it all covered, we’ll supply you with the recipes to go and do at home.

Who will be teaching?

Lee GalLee Gal is a hard-core foodie who loves everything to do with food: gardening, cooking, making up recipes, feeding others and of course – eating. As a student of naturopathy, she is also passionate about health & nature and so her mission in life is combining food & health. She is currently co-writing a cookbook of healthy desserts. While more and more healthy desserts are being made, the recipes can be found on her Facebook page.