Hooptopia: Hula Hoop Dance for Everyone with Donna Sparx

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Hooptopia is a place to play!

Fun, flow and freedom. Giggles, dance, movement…and hula hoops of course! Discover your inner hoop star through the magical combination of hoops and dance. Learn foundation, flow and flare moves, pick up new tricks, practise hoop dance and PLAY.

Perfect for all experience and fitness levels. Loads of fun and as many hoops as you can handle. Let’s hoop (even if you don’t think you can keep a hoop around your hips)!

What will we cover?

The Hoopla: Foundation hoop moves exploring on-body and off-body, a little hoopercise and a hoop dance choreography:

  • Hoopy warm up
  • Hoopercise to tone all your bits
  • Waist hooping and variations
  • Off-body combos
  • Getting the hoop on and off
  • A hoop dance routine

Who will be teaching?Donna Sparx

Donna Sparx is one of Australia’s leading hoop dance teachers. Recognised globally for her creativity, innovation, flow facilitation and playful approach, she has taught thousands of people to hula hoop. Donna has performed with the Women’s Circus and trained under hoopers from Europe, UK, Canada and the USA. She brings a passion and playfulness to her work that is infectious.