How to Wow Your Crowd

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Ever wondered how to leave a dazzling impression while delivering information with humour and pizzazz? Everyone knows how long a bad speech can seem as we wiggle in our chair and count down the minutes. Bad speeches – be gone!

This practical class reveals the best kept secrets of speech-making through interactive, fun activities that guarantee the right amount of spice, bang and zap to win over even the toughest audience.

What we will cover?

From wedding toasts to debates, from speeches to oral presentations discover the basics of good speech-making.

  • Master the art of “working the room”,
  • Learn how to use body language and facial expressions to captivate your crowd,
  • Find out how to master the tone and volume of your voice to make the greatest impact,
  • Discover how to spice things up with humor, surprise, suspense and storytelling,
  • Jump into the deep end with a series of fun, hands-on games and practical activities.

Who will be teaching?

SivanSivan Kohn quite literally makes speeches for a living! She is a Clinical Pharmacologist and science geek with a Masters degree in Public Health and a huge interest in correcting health misinformation. After spending more than 15 years working for hospitals, universities, pharmaceutical companies and the government, she started her own business dedicated to promoting health. Buzz Biomedical uses a scientific approach to promote health, correct misconceptions and decode the confusing and conflicting health information we are constantly exposed to.