Imagine, Create, Frame: Geometrical Mandalas

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Beauty in symmetry – the basis of a mandala.

Have you ever looked at a mandala and wondered ‘how on earth did the artist make that?!’ Even the most complex and intricate of designs begins with concentric circles and intersecting lines.

Learn how to create your own detailed design in this relaxing adult version of join-the-dots!

What will we cover?

Learn how to use a template to create a skeletal drawing using three basic shapes: the petal, the flame and the triangle. With this as a base, you will learn how to fill in your design by using different patterns.

With a bit of time and easy creativity you can create something that is dazzlingly intricate. All with a simple black pen!

Create your own stylish black and white mandala, frame it and be ready to hang it on your wall after the class.

Who will be teaching?

Gayatri profile pictureIn an attempt to break free from routine, Gayatri Ravisankar taught herself to draw mandala designs. She is a dentist, health promotion worker, an amateur photographer and a hobby artist. She finds beauty and peace in symmetry. Starting off with some really abstract freehand designs, she discovered the humble mathematical compass, which elevated her designs to a whole new level. Her love for stationery made her experiment with a variety of pens, which brought out different styles. She tries to incorporate her designs in mundane everyday things, in an attempt to draw something different each time. Check out her instagram account @gaya3r_colourbox to have a look at her work.