Inktober: Mindful Doodling Mandala’s with Marloes ONLINE

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Celebrate Inktober with this class exploring Zen Mandalas!

As we turn our creative doodling skills into the delightful Mandala format, Marloes will share some non-math techniques to create a variety of symmetrical Mandala shapes.

Why not take some time out of your day and join us for a fun escape from this crazy world?   Join us and tap into the wonderful meditation state as we create our own zen doodling Mandalas.

Mindful doodling (or abstract illustration) is a great gateway to relaxation, meditation and mindfulness. This highly addictive art form is easy, fun and portable.  The best thing is that anyone can do it – no prior artistic talent required!  All you need is the desire to try something new and fun.

Reap benefits for both your mental and physical wellbeing including: improved concentration, fine motor skills and increased levels of joy and lower blood pressure.

What will we cover?

In this class you will:

  • Be guided through the beginning of your doodling journey
  • Be shown how to make a simple “snowflake” template for a easy Mandala technique (no math needed)
  • Create various patterns and develop your own “pattern vocabulary”
  • Utilise your pattern vocabulary to create your own mini works of art

What will you need?

  • Your favourite pens (fine tips are best)
  • Sharp HB pencil and eraser
  • Various forms of paper:
    • Some nice paper for drawing on
    • Some regular printer paper
    • Some newspaper or magazine pages – anything you can cut up
  • Scissors

Who will be teaching?

Artist Marloes Bakker-Marsden teaches a variety of mediums at community centres, retirement communities and other locations, including in her own studio space.  She enjoys sharing her skills and passions with others in a light hearted and fun way that makes the experience totally enjoyable and rewarding for everyone involved. 

Ask her why the doodling workshops are her favourite and she will wax lyrical on the many benefits of this delightful art form!

You can find her on Instagram.