Your Pelvic Floor and Ben Wa Balls with Sara ONLINE

This class has passed
This class has passed

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What’s it all about?

Ben Wa balls are ancient instruments used to improve a woman’s pelvic floor and increase sexual enjoyment.  Despite being widely available in internet sex toy sales, their function and use are not well understood.

Join Sara for an interesting and fun how-to evening where you will discover and explore Ben Wa balls and their benefits.  Learn how to use them properly as well as mistakes and problems to watch out for.  She’ll dispel the myths, uncover the truths and provide a down to earth explanation of what Ben Wa balls can or can’t do for you.

What will we cover?

  • What are Ben Wa balls
  • The history behind Ben Wa balls
  • Types of Ben Wa balls and how to choose the right ones
  • Sexual and health benefits
  • Use and care of your Ben Wa balls
  • Also learn fascinating things about your pelvic floor – its anatomy, what it means to women in terms of sexuality, overall health and lifestyle
  • Basic pelvic floor exercises

Who will be teaching?

Sara has been using Ben Wa balls for over 15 years and has seen their evolution in materials, shapes, weights, popularity and use.  She is passionate about the pelvic floor, particularly because of the effect on a woman’s sexuality, overall health and lifestyle.

Sara is an LPF instructor and fitness professional who uses an innovative postural technique to restore and condition the pelvic floor.  She assists men and women to prevent hernias and lower back injuries, recover from pelvic surgery or pregnancy and enhance their sexual life.